Five reasons why foreigners love Knoxville

1.Cost of living

“Here in Knoxville TN, we have the best deals!”

It sounds like a tv commercial but it’s true.

Low taxes, low energy and utility rates and affordable housing make Knoxville a cheap place to live.

When starting a life here in America, foreigners will need all their savings, since some countries’ currencies are lower than US Dollar, Knoxville’s cost of living being lower than National Average is a huge plus. For example: The Brazilian Real is about 0.25USD! 1 USD dollar is about 3.99 of our money! It’s a lot in real life.

Cost of Living in Knoxville, TN is

18% lower

than the National Average

2.The economy is great

2013 – Knoxville ranked in the Top 50 of Best Places for Business and Careers, according to Sept. 2013.

Foreigners love the possibility of opening their own business, they get attracted by the city’s hilly landscape, climate, skilled labor and college-town atmosphere.

3.Knoxville is a beauty!

Our location (Knoxville is only 30 miles from Great Smoky Mountains National Park, most amazing autumn leaf display ever) our architecture and the lakes makes Knoxville just spectacular!

I can’t stress enough how grateful I am to live in a city full nature, either does other foreigners that live here: “Knoxville is a paradise! I love that we are so close to the mountains and lakes, it’s chill and exciting at the same time, I don’t even think about going back to Savannah, here in ‘Knox Vegas’ I have everything that I need”.

Adriana Morris, owner of Arch Studio, moved from Savannah to Knoxville in 2014, nationality: Brazilian.

Boomsday 2013 – Knoxville. photo by Frank Kehren

4.The weather

Not everyone is lucky to have all four seasons like we have here in Knoxville, TN.

As someone from Brazil I was mesmerized by Knoxville’s weather!

When I moved here in October of 2014, it was the first time I experienced the perfect weather: Fall.

I loved feeling the contrast of a warm day followed by a chilly night, nothing could be compared with the perfect temperatures and soft breeze of an autumn afternoon.

And it was beautiful I had never seen anything like that before as the leaves changed, the trees looked like rainbows, I loved seeing the way nature created its own on-the-ground rainbows in the fall.

And then winter came, as someone who grew up in a tropical country my dream was to experience snow, and the first time that happen I was captivated by the Earth’s ability to turn water into icy sprinkles. I shed tears of joy! I could not believe what I was experiencing, it was magical!

When I was about to get homesick and sick of the cold weather Spring came, and after that Summer (I love Knoxville’s summer the hot and humid weather reminds me of Brazil).

5. We are Close to Just About Everywhere

Two-thirds of the population of the entire country lives just a day’s drive from Knoxville!

For foreigners this is very important since most of them have family in other parts of the U.S. A. Highways I-81, I-40 and I-75 all connect in the city, so you really can get anywhere from here.

Not to mention that pretty much everywhere you need to go in the Knoxville area it’s a 20-minute drive.


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